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Have you ever considered the benefits of having a Health Insurance Policy?

In the event that health treatment is required following sickness or an accident, you and your loved ones need the peace of mind that you have access to the very best health care available, as and when you need it.


Such comfort is possible if you choose to take out a health insurance policy which will bring with it :

  • Choice
  • Top Medical Care
  • Comfort 
  • Peace of Mind 


There are generally three levels of cover you can choose from depending on the extent of protection you require. The covers are the Basic Scheme, Hospital Scheme or International Scheme . You need to ensure that the limits applicable under the various sections are in line with your requirements.

The BASIC and HOSPITAL Schemes normally provide cover for treatment received in a Hospital or Clinic in Malta whilst the INTERNATIONAL scheme covers also treatment received worldwide, excluding USA and Canada.


  • In Patient Cover only - You can opt to limit the cover of the Basic and Hospital Scheme to in-patient treatment only and obtain a premium reduction
  • Voluntary Excess – You can opt to include an excess and obtain a relative reduction in premium.

There are various other additional benefits and different covers available on the market so enquire for a quotation.


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Consider the benefits



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